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"Short Rotation Crops" means woody crops such as willows, poplars, Robinia and Eucalyptus with coppicing abilities as well as lignocellulosic crops such as reed canary grass, Miscanthus and switch grass.

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The work of IEA Bioenergy is carried out through a series of Tasks, each having a defined work programme. Each participating country pays a modest financial contribution toward administrative requirements, shares the costs of managing the Tasks and provides in-kind contributions to fund participation of national personnel in the Tasks. The scope of the work undertaken within IEA Bioenergy is shown in its website (www.ieabioenergy.com).

IEA Bioenergy provides opportunities for:

Researchers - to exchange information on recent developments in R&D through networking, meetings and/or workshops; to provide opportunities for collaborative R&D. 

Industry - to be informed of new projects; to work together to develop handbooks or models; to offer early participation of industrial partners in RD&D work. 

Policy-makers and decision-makers - to gain an international perspective on progress in bioenergy; to compile guidelines and standards; to gain new perspectives on deployment opportunities and issues. 

IEA Bioenergy is keen to promote its work programmes within participating countries and to encourage increasing involvement of industrial partners. It also wishes to encourage further interest in its work from non-participating countries. All OECD countries are eligible to participate fully. In addition, the IEA Governing Board has decided that the Implementing Agreements may also be open to non-member countries. If you are interested in finding out more about IEA Bioenergy, please contact the Executive Committee Secretary (jrtustin@xtra.co.nz).

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