Task 43: Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets

Task 43 Technical Reports

 Climate Impact Assessment of Forest Bioenergy Affected by Decomposition Modelling-Comparison of the Q and YASSO Models. IEA Bioenergy EXCO:TR2017:05 Mobilization of Agricultural Residues for Bioenergy and Higher Value Bio-Products:  Resources, Barriers and Sustainability. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2017:01
Albedo Effects of Biomass Production: A Review. IEA Bioenergy EXCO:2017:02 Bioenergy Feedstock Production on Grasslands and Pastures: Brazilian experiences and global outlook. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2016:06
TR2016-05 front cover Agricultural Residues for Energy in Sweden and Denmark – Differences and Commonalities. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2016:05 TR2016-01 Mobilising sustainable supply chains – Biogas cases. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2016:04
TR2016-01 Balancing different environmental effects of forest residue recovery in Sweden: A stepwise handling procedure. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2016:03 State of the art in sustainable biomass recovery technology/supply chain in forest operations .IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2016:02
TR2016-01 The contribution of Danish forestry to increase wood production and offset climate change 2010-2100. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2016:01 Modeling potential freshwater ecotoxicity impacts due to pesticide use in biofuel feedstock production.IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2015:04
fuel poverty cover page Fuel Poverty and Bioenergy Discussion paper. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2015:03 864lgn4tBest Practice Guidelines for Managing Water for Bioenergy Feedstock Production. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2015:02
idc95r6p Assessing the Environmental Performance of Biomass Supply Chains.  IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2015:01 864lgn4tConsequences of an Increased Extraction of Forest Biofuel in Sweden.  IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2014:01
idc95r6pBioenergy and Water. JRC Technical Report 864lgn4tEconomic Sustainability of Biomass Feedstock Supply. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2013:01
idc95r6pShort Rotation Coppice Willow Best Practic Guidelines. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2012:03 2wb6gc5hTheoretical versus market available supply of biomass for energy from long-rotation forestry and agriculture – Swedish experiences. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2012:02
whiteScreening Life Cycle Analysis of a Willow Bioenergy Plantation in Southern Ontario. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2012:01 evvgss7kQuantifying environmental effects of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) on biodiversity, soil and water. IEA Bioenergy Task43 TR2011:01
8xlzqdnpCriteria and Indicators for sustainable woodfuels. 2010. FAO Forestry Paper #160 This is a joint publication with FAO