Task 43: Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets

WIREs Journal – Energy and Environment

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The climate effect of increased forest bioenergy use in Sweden:  evaluation at different spatial and temporal scales 
O. Cintas, G. Berndes, A.L. Cowie, G. Egnell, H. Holmström and G.I. Agren

The impact of biofuel demand on agricultural commodity prices:  a systematic review
U. Martin Persson

Recovery rate of harvest residues for bioenergy in boreal and temperate forests:  A review
E. Thiffault, A. Béchard, D. Paré, D. Allen

How do sustainability standards consider biodiversity?
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Performance of small-scale straw-to-heat supply chains in Norway
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Bioenergy options for New Zealand: key findings from five studies.
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The climate benefit of Swedish ethanol: present and prospective performance
P. Borjesson, S. Ahlgren, G. Berndes

Principles of nutrient management for sustainable forest bioenergy production
D. Mead, C. Smith

Bioenergy and land use changing-state of the art
G. Berndes, S. Ahlgren, P. Borjesson, A.L. Cowie

Forest bioenergy feedstock harvesting effects on water supply
D.G. Neary, K.A. Koestner    

Forest energy procurement: state of the art in Finland and Sweden
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Options for increasing biomass output from long-rotation forestry.
G. Egnell, R. Bjorheden